The color of a diamond, or rather, the lack of color in a diamond is indicated by a color degree. Each color has a degree where degree D is the highest possible degree (completely colorless) and degree Z is the lowest degree (perceptible color). Bee Diamond Point You will only find the most refined diamonds with color degree D to M.

Each color degree also has a Dutch and an original name that you can find in the overview below:

Colour Name
D Finest white+ (hunter)
E Finest white (river)
F Finest white+ (river)
G Finest white (Top Wesselton)
H White (Wesselton)
I Light tinted white+ (top crystal)
J Light tinted white (Crystal)
K Tinted white (top cape)
L Tinted white (top cape)
M Tinted color (cape)
N Tinted color (low cape)
O Tinted color (very light yellow)
P-U Tinted color (light yellow)
V-Z Tinted color (yellow)
TTLB Top Top Light Brown