What is your starsign?

The zodiac line of Diamond Point consists of 12 constellations. The 14 carat gold pendant with necklace can be worn on two sides. On the one hand, the star figure is set with diamond (s) that shine like stars. The connected lines form the symbol for this. On the other side is the sign from the zodiac. Wear your own zodiac sign or that of a loved one!


Seal rings with constellation

Also discover our zodiac seal rings that are equipped with your constellation. The rings are provided with the star figure at the top and the constellation is engraved on the inside of the ring. Let’s Reach for the Moon and Stars!

Alphabet Colliers are a real must -have! Choose your own letter or that of someone dear to you. The necklaces with letter are also very suitable for giving as a gift. With an initial necklace you create a beautiful and lasting memory of a special moment. Do you want multiple letters on one chain? Or even a chain with a whole name? That is of course also possible! Contact our customer service so that they can discuss the options with you.

The Birthstones jewelry is set with a monthly stones, each with a special meaning and strength. Every Birthstone would have a unique effect on people: extra strong when it is the stone that belongs to someone's birth month. A birthstone can have a positive influence on health, love life or character. What a unique and protective gesture to give a jewel with personal Birthstone as a gift! Or wear the birthstone of a loved one yourself, so that you always wear it with you. read here More about Birthstones.


Engrave the Love

Do you want to give a piece of jewelry a personal touch? Then of course we have the option to have your jewelry engraved. Please note that not all jewelry is suitable for engraving. When in doubt, ask one of our sales advisors in the Diamond Point Shops Advice, or contact our customer service and be advised on jewelry engraving.