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    Solirair pendants

    Solitair hangers are pendants that are set with one diamond. These hangers are very timeless due to the simple and elegant design. Attach the pendant to one length, or order a pendant including a necklace. The diamond in a pendant is fixed with 4 or 6 claws, so that the diamond stays in place. This has no negative influence on the sparkle of the diamond; The diamonds of Diamond Point Such a high quality that they shine optimally. A solitary pendant is also the perfect gift for a set with a solitary ring and/or solitary earrings complete. So do you still doubt what kind of gift you want to give to your loved one? Then choose one Solitary pendant with diamond!

    Solitary pendant with color stone

    A solitary pendant can also be set with color stone or gemstone. The pendants from the Birthstones collection also fall under the Solitair hangers category because they are set with one color or gem. The noble and color stones with which the Birthstones collection have been set are monthly stones. Every time stones have a special meaning and shine have a positive effect on those who carry the stone. It seems that if you wear the monthly stone of your own birth, this influence is extra strong.

    Shop the most beautiful solitaires of pendants from, for example, the Hearts & ArrowsGroeibriljantBirthstones or Starlight collection. Be sure that you will find your dream hanger in between!