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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files on your computer in which websites can store information. Almost every website uses cookies. Among other things, they are used to remember that you are logged in, and to be able to keep track of the number of unique visitors to a website.

Which cookies uses Diamond Point?

Diamond Point uses different types of cookies. For example, we use session cookies and permanent cookies when offering our electronic services. Session cookies are immediately removed after closing a browser session. Permanent cookies are stored on your computer for a while. These cookies help us to remember your settings and, among other things, to keep registration data and overviews temporarily.
Cookies are also used to remember information such as the products in your shopping cart, and the fact that you are logged in. In addition, we use on Analytics cookies to see which pages are often visited on the website, and whether the store process is flawless. Improvements to the website are also being tested with the help of A/B testing cookies. Furthermore, advertising networks are used to be able to advertise in a targeted manner. Finally, we use other cookies, which are, for example, necessary for the correct functioning of the functions for chat or customer feedback.

Change cookie setting

All the way without cookies Diamond Point not. The strictly necessary cookies are needed for the correct functioning of our website, so you cannot disable it. That is possible with the additional cookies, and you can remove cookies at any time from your computer.

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Below you can read more detailed information about the cookies used for this website.

Analytics cookies 

We use the following Analytics cookies for this website.