Behind the Collection

Queen Bee

The Diamond Point Designers were inspired by the current fashion trends, the bee queens of this world and the bee passion of the CEO of Diamond Point. The collection is an ode to the independent, ambitious and hard -working women of this world who love beautiful jewelry that will come along forever. The gold with diamond jewelry collection "Queen Bee" was born.

Be seduced by our special Queen Bee collection!


The current fashion scene inspired the golden bee hangers to develop with white and black diamonds. On the catwalk we see a large representation of prints and jewelry in the form of animals. The catwalk collections of Gucci, Dior and Chanel are teeming with bees and other insects.

Not only the fashion image determined the development of bee hangers. The director of Diamond Point Thirty years ago was lit by his in -laws with the beekeeping virus. For years he has been reading everything that is loose and stuck about bee queens and the importance of bees for our food supply. Since last year he has officially been a qualified beekeeper and the proud owner of four bee colonies - around 300,000 pieces - who "live" on his terrace in four cupboards. Their shape and refined wings inspired him and the designers when designing the Queen Bee Jewels. The special design of the bee resulted in the into perfection of the sketches and the design of the jewelry.

The collection also puts the bee queen in the spotlight. The bee population hangs and stands around the additional queen; She lays the eggs and is the most important bee. The bees jewelry collection has therefore been developed as an ode to the "Queen Bees" of this world; Independent, ambitious and hard -working women who deserve a wonderful piece of jewelry.


Bee Brilliant

The "Queen Bee" collection consists of five different bee hangers. The hangers are made of 14 carat yellow gold and set with brilliant cut black and white diamonds.