Which Birthstone do you have?

Welke Birthstone heb jij?
Discover the characteristics of your Birthstone Diamond Point!

January - grenade

The color of grenade Already gives his characteristics a bit away .. The beautiful red color of the grenade symbolizes the commitment, passion, love and dedication. The red variant of the grenade is best known and is also put in the most jewelry. There are also colorless, white, brown and pink grenade precious stones. Furthermore, the stone would contribute to detoxing and reloading your mind.

February - Amethist

The amethyst Is known for its rich purple color and is therefore lovingly used in jewelry and accessories. From contemporary, minimalist jewelry to the processing in crowns and jewelry worn by royals. In the personal field, the amethyst in serious circumstances would help you accept the situation. This way it can relieve your stress and sorrow in times of mourning and sorrow.

March - Aquamarijn

The aquamarine Has a beautiful turquoise color that derived its name from the Latin word "Aqua Marina". This literally means seawater and therefore matches its appearance perfectly. In the Middle Ages the stone was used to reduce eye and throat complaints. The stone has a calming effect on a psychological level and would help to reduce fears.

April - Diamond

The diamond Is also seen as the queen of the precious stones and is one of the most sought after stones in jewelry. Previously it was believed that the diamond would strengthen marriages. This is probably the reason why it has become one of the most popular stones in an engagement or wedding ring. The brightness of the diamond is also a symbol for the psychological promotion that it would have. For example, it would contribute to a clear mind and better focus.

May - Smaragd

For more than 4000 years, the emerald Used as a decorative and medicinal stone, which is used in art and jewelry. The emerald was even found in Egyptian burial chambers and was one of the favorite stones of Cleopatra. The Aztecs processed emerald in buildings and temples. Many cultures considered the emerald as the symbol for power, hope and spring; The recurring green after the winter.

June - Pearl

While diamonds and other precious stones have only been in the spotlight for the last five or six hundred years, pearls Loved for their modest beauty for 6000 years. Pearls were challenged by pearl fishermen at the risk of their own life and were very rare. Only the richest could afford the beauty of the pearl. The pearl is also called the queen of the sea, since it is not a gem. It offers extra safety and stimulates peace, peace and comfort.

July - Robijn

The Rubinians Grenade are often confused because of their striking red color. Yet the ruby ​​is different. For example, a grenade is a lot softer than the ruby. It is part of the "Korund" group. This group of minerals contains the hardest stones after the diamonds. It would protect you against negative energies, makes you more deliberate and gives energy.

Augustus - Peridoot

The Peridot Is a beautiful green stone and has been used as a gem for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Wear the peridot if you want to be more assertive and take matters into your hands to shape your life. The stone provides innovation and generation. At the same time, the pent -up and negative feelings reduces.